KERís long-term mission is to help rebuild communities and empower people in Kashmir by pursuing high-impact programs that are driven by social entrepreneurship and a spirit of voluntary service.  We seek to help others unlock their human potential to achieve positive change in their lives and their communities.

Reflecting our program strands, KER now also stands for:

Kashmir Educational Resource

Kashmir Economic Reconstruction

Kashmir Emergency Response

KER, with the support of hundreds of donors, The North Face, Global Giving, Nestle, and the UPS Foundation, successfully lead an international effort to provide emergency shelter and relief assistance to thousands of quake victims.

KER mounted a four month-long high-impact Relief Expedition which was supported by an international airlift of tons of relief supplies and winter gear to Srinagar, Kashmir. KER expedition members and local Kashmiri volunteers worked hand in hand to provide shelter support and other relief assistance to more than 2127 families who had lost everything in the quake.

Having completed Phase I (Emergency Relief Aid), KER is continuing to pursue its three-phase relief and rehabilitation program that includes: building schools, educational infrastructure, and homes in quake-hit areas. We are also developing economic, health, and educational empowerment programs to benefit the quake-hit communities.

KER launched its first Phase II project, named Project Nasreen, in the quake-hit village of Harduna on February 15, 2006. Since then this farming community has been empowered with new skills, resources, and tools to better rebuild their economic livelihoods.

KER is a 100% voluntary effort. Each and every penny we collect goes directly towards procurement and program delivery on ground.

A second disaster was prevented this winter because enough emergency shelter and relief reached in time. Itís time to help the thousands of families devastated by this calamity to rebuild their lives.


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